23 February 2018


‘Being Sudanese is a responsibility these days. We are responsible for our own well being, as well as that of others. We are burdened with setting the foundations for the future generations in our country, and creating the conditions in which they will prosper.’

500 Words is a non-profit, independent, online magazine born out of the simple idea that young Sudanese should be able to have a platform to share their opinions on the Sudans’ – both North and South – whether they grew up here or are part of our vast diaspora.

We want our site to be a place to tap into the minds of our future leaders. There are so many debates to be had; we want to create a space where we can question our traditions, solve our problems, and celebrate our diversity through writing on Sudanese society, culture, and life!

Want to write for us?

We’re not just looking for accomplished writers; we’re looking for everyone with something to say. Don’t worry about your grammar in English or the style you write in – we can edit that! We want to give aspiring writers a chance to get published, as well as those who are already skilled. If you’re Sudanese and have an opinion send us a message.

You can submit your articles through the Write for Us page, or email the Editors with your idea(s)!


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