19 January 2018

Dar Al Naim Mubarak Carmona

passing traditions IIOur editor Omnia Shawkat caught up with a Sudanese up and coming artist Dar Al Naim Mubarak Carmona to get some insight on her work and to find out a little bit about the artist. Dar Al Naim is based in Oxford, England where she’s had several exhibitions throughout the years. She is the recipient of the 2011 Arboretta Papers Sketchbook Student Award (UK), and the 2012/2013 Old Fire Station Graduate Studio Residency Award (UK). Her recent exhibition Sudanna in Khartoum, Sudan is an exhibition of the work she produced during her short stay in Sudan in December 2012. The work shows Dar Al Naim’s first impressions of Sudan after a 5 year absence.

Omnia: What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Dara Al Naim: I intend for my work to give a chance to an international and global dialect, a new language, a visual language with which I am trying to convey a message of peace and unity, along with a need to communicate my existence, as a human being and as a citizen of the world.

O: What about Sudan stands out to you socially and impacts your work?

D: The faces of the people of Sudan; filled with expression, secrets and stories, have impacted all the characteristics and distinctive features in all my subjects. I believe that their pure elegance and traditional clothing have inspired and given life to my intense and radiant color palette. Sudan as a whole, has stimulated all that has made me an artist.

O: Name one exceptional experience you gained while trying to get to know Sudan/Sudanese better, how did it inspire you?

D: The most amazing and extraordinary experience I’ve had in Sudan, was a trip with my family, where we camped in the desert and traveled to Karima, Merawi, Old Dongola, Kerma, Soleb, Delgo, Abri, Atbara, Meroe, Musawarat Sufra, Shendi, Sabaloka and Omdurman. What an eye opener that was, especially towards the understanding of the diversity of Sudan – not to mention the skies at night. These desert skies, roofed by a mantle of stars inspired me to think, that regardless of how much we try to separate ourselves from one another, whether it be human to human, or human to animal or plant, that we all stand together under the same sky.

O: How would you transform the art scene in Sudan? what is lacking or hindering and what are the building blocks that can be built on?

D: I think we young Sudanese need to help change the image the West or “developed” countries have of Sudan. Sudan is misunderstood by all. Art wise, we need international recognition. We need to export art out there, this is easier than it sounds, as art does not require visas – we need to put Sudan on the map. Our artists are deep, strong and powerful – they just need the confidence, support and funding – the latter being the most difficult.

O: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

D: I have a “fly” tattooed on my leg!

A picture gallery from her exhibition “Sudanna”

You can see more of  Dar Al Naim’s work on her website

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