23 February 2018

Helping Hands


Ramadan Give Back

Since 2008 Ramadan Give Back has been working diligently to provide families in need around the Khartoum area with food to ease their burden and allow them to truly celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr. They have continuously expanded their efforts to reach more families as they collected, packaged, and distributed an increasing number of hampers. In their fifth year, your help and generosity is needed more than ever, as families around Sudan are struggling with the rising costs of food and living. Your donations will go directly into providing hampers of food to be distributed in the most poverty-stricken areas around Khartoum.

What is in the hampers? sugar, wheat flour, sorghum flour, cooking oil, tea, noodle, rice, bouillon cubes, and lentils

Your donations are welcome in ANY form. You can donate any of the food items listed above or cash to help purchase them. Collection points have been set up around Khartoum to receive your donations.

For more info about the group and how to donate, visit Ramdan Give Back Facebook page

To Sudan with Love 

A voluntary group based in Khartoum, aimed at supporting underprivileged communities in Sudan.

Group Work Plan:

  • The group works on community charity projects, which will help build, fix or provide needed equipment to schools and clinics in Sudan, and will accordingly gather donations for these projects.
  • The group will cooperate with other humanitarian groups and foundations in different ways, as well as connecting donors with other foundations by providing them with their information, projects, contact details and focal point of contact.
  • As part of the group’s community projects, it will also help individuals in finding jobs or creating small projects that will help them support their families.
Visit To Sudan with Love website or visit the group’s Facebook page

Kilo Dageeg
kilo dageeg 

Who are we? We are a group of Sudanese youths, who help the people by providing wheat flour to those in need. 1Kg at a time, so nobody goes to bed hungry.

Phone credit transfer numbers are:

Zain: 0901111066
Sudani: 0111122212
MTN: 0999940032

Find us on Facebook for more details 

Education without Borders

  • Education without Borders is a youth voluntary group. Their goal is to help and contribute to the development of education and the educational environment in Sudan. By providing advanced integrated programs of interest to education at all stages the dropout rates decrease.
  • Facebook is the only communication channel, 10,000 members are supporting and willing to contribute.
  • One of the group achievements is “Your old book is my new book” initiative. The goal behind the initiative was to collect 1000 used school books and redistribute them among the children in need. In response they received remarkable interest in the campaign by Facebook group members. More than 10,000 used text books were collected in addition to copy books and stationeries and redistributed in 8 states around Sudan (including South Kurdufan).
  • One of the main drivers for the group is the Maintenance of schools, Education without borders participated in maintaining & renovating schools in different rural areas. 7 schools had been maintained in Khartoum State, Jazeera State and Northern State.
  • Additionally a Therapeutic day conducted in July 2011 in Dar Alarqam School. “My Smile within My Drawing (basmati fi rasmati)” Gallery was launched to highlight the educational issues in Sudan and draw attention towards them.
  • Education without Borders on Facebook


Sadagaat group strives to encourage charitable spending. The group was able to accomplish many projects, the most popular of which is sponsoring Ramadan’s iftar for needy people, for eight years in a row.

In 2010, they were able to distribute 8,340 Ramadan packages during the daily Iftar program to nearly 1500 individuals for the entire month. This effort was carried out by more than 70 volunteers and extended to include hospitals, Quran schools, college dormitories and mosques.

The need for financial support in Sudan is increasing exponentially, and every year becoming a real challenge for us to expand Sadgaat umbrella of coverage, but they take it, in Sadagaat, as an opportunity to encourage everyone to contribute without fear, to give sadagaa with strong belief in Allaah and the rewards HE promised in this life and MORE rewards at the day of judgment, and to give only for the sake of pleasing HIM, and to give up to your ability.

They are hoping and working to cover this year 10,000 families with Ramadan package, and prepare iftar for 10,000 individuals on daily basis, bi izn allaaah,the cost of the bag per family so far is $40 or 200 SDG

Sadagaat website: http://www.sadagaat.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sadagaat/

SheLearns Foundation

1957968_743247975687326_152193014_nIn Sudan only 61% of the population is literate and only 50.5% of females are literate. SheLearns goal is to educate these girls, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society. Each girl represents a future, the future of the community, of the country, and indeed the future of the whole world.

Their Mission

Sponsor a girl with any amount you can and guarantee her an education. The aim is to help girls from poor families who had to leave school because they could no longer afford it. These girls end up working in homes or simply on the street begging. They have potential and just need someone to give them a chance. By just spreading the word you will help in changing their lives to the better.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SheLearns/info

Email: shelearnsfoundation (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Star Charity Cupboard

1466158_10153496592745529_2053507902_n Star Charity Cupboard (SCC) is a social group made up of family and friends from various professional backgrounds, whose sole purpose is to ease the suffering of the less fortunate. They work hard to reach people who other organizations have yet to reach, people whom everyone feels sorry for from a distance and wishes they could do something to help but don’t know how to. They have all year round activities which include:

  1. Preparations of Ramadan Hampers; throughout the years SCC has reached out to over 1000 families, providing each with enough rations to last for the entire months of Ramadan.
  2. Clothes projects; Taken for granted by most of us but having enough clothing is a bigger tragedy than most could imagine. SCC collaborates and coordinates with groups to collect used and new clothes from around the country. The donated items are sorted, cleaned and packaged to be distributed around the outskirts of the capital. In its biggest project the group reached out to over 5000 people.
  3. Winter blanket; In the dry winter of Sudan 100’s die and 1000s suffer from cold. The group tries to ease the suffering of people by collecting and buying winter clothes and blankets and distributing them in locations with the least shelter.
  4. Ramadan Iftar; given to the weary travellers who meet the azan in the street.
  5. Blood donation drives; done whenever there is a shortage of blood in the national blood banks.
  6. Children affected with cancer; the group works in collaboration with WE GROUP, a group dedicated to helping children effect with cancer.
  7. Spontaneous events; Such as the 2013 flooding crises, SCC strives help wherever it finds people in crises.
  8. Mosque project; The project was designed to give everyone a chance gain ongoing blessings or Sadag for themselves or loved ones that passed away. The mosque is being built in a remote area where people align bricks in the shape of a mosque to pray their daily prayers. The mosque will also act as a place for shelter and Islamic teaching.

Start Charity Cupboard on Facebook


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